Podcamp Ohio May 17th Meetup

Written by brandice on May 26, 2008 – 12:36 pm -

Here are the first two videos from the Podcamp meetup in Columbus a couple weeks ago. In the first, you can see a bit of our Panera time and then little tidbits of our wanderings through ITT Tech. The second reveals that no one at ITT Tech likes podcasting and we epic fail at interviewing.

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2 Comments to “Podcamp Ohio May 17th Meetup”

  1. Eric Wolf Says:

    I liked the videos – and the space looks really nice A+++ – The only concern I have is that the outdoors space is so loud with all the traffic – I feel sorry for the performers unless they have really good sound. In that case they will need electricity and a sound system (their own or otherwise) – Good planning Angelo and Brandice and that other person on camera.

    Looks like a great site!

  2. Doctor Anonymous Says:

    What’s up with the cold shoulder? Show us some love ITT lab geeks? They’re definitely Windoze users.

    Great vids! Can’t wait to see the rest of the May 17 meetup stuff.