Places to Track Podcamp Ohio This Weekend

Written by brandice on June 27, 2008 – 11:37 pm -

We have a disadvantage to many Podcamps, due to the fact that Twitter‘s tracking is currently turned off. To communicate with everyone about Podcamp Ohio, use the “@PodcampOhio” reply, and then here are a couple of ways you can manage/track that feed:

FRIENDFEED – We have a room, feel free to share, comment, discuss! RSS feed for Summize results imported here, as well as RSS for blog, and Twitter accounts.

SUMMIZE #1 – Twitters with “@PodcampOhio” in the text

SUMMIZE #2 – Twitters with “Podcamp Ohio” in the text

And of course, follow “PodcampOhio” for official announcements and tidbits throughout the day, and if you want to see the checkins, following “PodOhioCheckin” to watch everyone’s arrival in the morning/afternoon.

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2 Comments to “Places to Track Podcamp Ohio This Weekend”

  1. Andrea Hill Says:

    Great job to the organizers and presenters, I had an absolute blast! thanks so much for all your hard work! Learned some things and met some great folks, can’t ask for anything more!

  2. Leah Fairman Says:

    I’ve been following this camp and I think it’s an awesome idea. The problem for me is that I live in Michigan and I can’t attend the local events. I still keeping track on the camp.

    Leah Fairman
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