Mike Genovese rocks Podcamp Ohio

Written by Doctor Anonymous on June 29, 2008 – 7:41 pm -

What a great time everyone had at Podcamp Ohio this weekend! One of the many highlights for me was the live music at lunchtime. Mike Genovese is someone I just met at Podcamp. I shot a ton of video this weekend, and I wanted to get this piece out as soon as I could, because I really like the sound of this guy’s music and I know that you will, too. (See video post above)

The majority of the video is at the end when he plays his first song. And, since most people were still in the lunch buffet line, the room didn’t look to crowded at first. But, by the end of his set, the room was packed.

As Mike was setting up, he was nice enough to do an impromptu interview. We talked about his upcoming album called “So The Story Goes” and he said that it will be released sometime in the next couple of months. So, definitely check out his website and his myspace page.

Talking about video, I saw a lot of people shooting video this weekend. As you put things together, I encourage you to share it at the Podcamp Ohio group on Viddler. There’s a feed over there to subscribe to, so that you will know exactly when I (and hopefully others) post videos to the site.

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  1. kim/ohradiogirl Says:

    nice vid. can’t wait to see more. thanks.