Podcamp Ohio 2008 Wrap-up Meeting

Written by Doctor Anonymous on August 11, 2008 – 10:07 pm -

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Podcamp Ohio 2008 Wrap-up meeting which took place on July 10, 2008 on The Doctor Anonymous Show. Brandice called in first and gave some general feedback and some discussion on the sessions that she presented.

Angelo then called in and started with the positive feedback from the event. He then discussed a post that was written by Owen Winkler. This post generated a lot of discussion in the days leading up to this wrap-up meeting. Then, Owen himself called into the show to further discuss his post. I really appreciate Owen calling into the show. And, don’t get me wrong, his feedback (along with others who had the same sentiments) is definitely constructive criticism and issues that we need to work on before the 2009 event.

Finally, we discussed some initial concepts and ideas for Podcamp Ohio 2009. I encourage you to listen to the show and share ideas in the comments below on things we should think about for 2009. Thanks again to everyone who made Podcamp Ohio 2008 a fabulous event! (Why the gold medal at the top? Who knows? Just wanted to make any kind of subtle olympics reference)

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