PodCamp NYC Sponsors Sponsor PodCamp Ohio

Written by angelo on June 17, 2008 – 11:22 am -

PodCamp NYCYes, that is a tongue twister title, but it’s true! PodCamp NYC Sponsors sponsor PodCamp Ohio!

PodCamp NYC has provided PodCamp Ohio a Gold sponsorship from the remaining funds from PodCamp NYC Sponsors. We are very grateful that they are able to assist us with sponsoring our event. PodCamp NYC sponsors rock! Please take the time to see all of the sponsors that have made PodCamp NYC and PodCamp Ohio possible!

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PodCamp NYC This Weekend!

Written by angelo on April 25, 2008 – 8:50 am -

If you’re in the Metropolis area and have blogging and/or podcasting on the mind, don’t forget to check out PodCamp NYC!

PodCamp NYC

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