Unconferences are presented by and for you. If you don’t see a session listed below that you want to attend, suggest and/or recommend someone to present it in the page comments below!

Current list of sessions

Present at PodCamp Ohio!

Have a session idea that others can contribute to and/or learn from? Great, we want you to speak at PodCamp Ohio!

Before you flamboyantly post a session suggestion, please read the Rules of PodCamp and What is an UnConference. In a nutshell, the goal of each session is to educate, everyone is treated equally and attendees have the freedom to leave sessions for what ever reason. If your session is inappropriate in nature or a sales pitch for your company/product, PodCamp Ohio organizers reserve the right to deny your session request.

Chris Brogan published an excellent list of potential topics for presenters at PodCamp. Check this list out of you’re curious what kinds of topics are appropriate for PodCamp sessions.

If your confident your session meets the guidelines of PodCamp, go ahead and register your session!

Register Your Session Now

If you plan on hosting multiple sessions, please indicate which session is most important for you to present. If we receive many session submissions, we will move your additional sessions down in priority to give the maximum number of speakers an opportunity to present.

Seeking Presenters for Sessions Targeting New Podcasters

We’re seeking session speakers to present a track of sessions for new podcasters. Recent PodCamps across the country have observed more than 1/2 of the event attendees are new to podcasting. The recent Zero to Podcasting sessions at PodCamp Toronto demonstrated the demand for such a set of sessions for new podcasters.

If you’re comfortable making a presentation one of the topics below, please register with the session title noted below. Please include a description of the content you will cover for new podcasters.

  • Audio Recording Basics – Getting started with Audacity, etc…
  • Setting up a web site – WordPress, Habari, Blogger, etc…
  • Distributing your podcast – Directories, iTunes, etc…
  • Promotion and monetizing – Growing your audience, seeking out advertising, etc…

The list above is not exclusive, if you have a topic to present that will help new podcasters, please submit the session and make a note in the description of your session how it helps new podcasters. For example, if your topic is on video production basics, you could note that it would be an alternative for Audio recording basics above.

Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/233986

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    I have to admit that I am addicted to this page i return here multiple times to find out what the sessions will be…

    I am way over my head – great list of attendees and sessions so far. I look forward to the full list. Don’t more of the core organizers want to have a session? Angelo or Brandice or others?

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