Meeting 25 Tonight, May 29

Written by angelo on May 29, 2008 – 4:57 pm -

We’re having a meeting tonight, Thursday, May 29 at 7:30 PM (1/2 hour earlier so those who want to watch Lost season finale can bug out early).

Agenda Items:

  • Almost done blogging about sponsors
  • Next press release
  • Lunch announcement
  • Revised event schedule
  • Friday night plans scaled down
  • What ever else comes up

Call in information:

Talkshoe link: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/80720
Phone number: (724) 444-7444
Talkcast id: 80720

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One Month Until PodCamp Ohio

Written by Doctor Anonymous on May 28, 2008 – 2:28 pm -

Can you believe that it’s only one month until PodCamp Ohio? Sheesh! This is my first post here, but I have to tell you that the organizers have been doing a lot of work over the past few months to get things ready for this year’s PodCamp.

And, let me tell ya, you don’t have to be an organizer to help prepare for PodCamp. You can help us as well. If you’re not already registered, please do! If you are registered, thanks so much – and now is the time to make that big push to really promote, promote, promote, and promote!

If you haven’t already, you can blog about it, podcast about it, make a video about it, put a badge on your website, put up some event flyers, buy a t-shirt, make/download/watch/listen to a PodCamp Ohio promo, listen/participate in the weekly talkshoe meetings, and a whole lot more. Check out our Participate page for more info.

Are you excited yet? We only got 4 minutes to save the world – er, We only have one month until PodCamp Ohio! I’m really looking forward to meeting everybody and learning so much new stuff about new media and social networking.

Finally, don’t forget to put on your calendar the PodCamp Ohio Kickoff Party which will be on The Doctor Anonymous Show on Thursday, June 26th (2 days before PodCamp) at 9pm Eastern Time. My show is a LIVE internet radio show on BlogTalkRadio and everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the live interactive chat room and even call into the show and say hello. All this while seeing my shining face on the live webcam (scary, huh).

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Podcamp Ohio May 17th Meetup

Written by brandice on May 26, 2008 – 12:36 pm -

Here are the first two videos from the Podcamp meetup in Columbus a couple weeks ago. In the first, you can see a bit of our Panera time and then little tidbits of our wanderings through ITT Tech. The second reveals that no one at ITT Tech likes podcasting and we epic fail at interviewing.

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Blubrry Sponsors PodCamp Ohio

Written by angelo on May 23, 2008 – 4:06 pm -

BlubrryPodCamp Ohio is proud to have Blubrry as a platinum sponsor.

Blubrry is a podcasting community and social network that helps connect with podcasters with their audience and helps podcasters distribute and monetize on their content. Members of Blubrry benefit by having access to reliable media statistics, custom distribution tools such as the embeddable blubrry media player and revenue opportunities.

Please visit Blubrry.com to learn more.

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Meeting 24 Tonight, May 22

Written by angelo on May 22, 2008 – 1:22 pm -

We are having meeting 24 today, Thursday, May 22nd at 8pm.

Agenda items:

  • Friday night plans for volunteers (Damons for dinner sound ok?)
  • Plan for Volunteers
  • Event schedule
  • Saturday night plans update (Dave and Busters)
  • Sponsors Update (Blip.tv)
  • What ever else comes up

Call in information:

Talkshoe link: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/80720
Phone number: (724) 444-7444
Talkcast id: 80720

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The Guys Podcast sponsors PodCamp Ohio

Written by angelo on May 20, 2008 – 10:37 pm -

The Guys PodcastPodCamp Ohio is proud to have The Guys Podcast as a silver sponsor!

The Guys Podcast reviews movies, video games, science fiction, technology and what ever else fits the conversation. D.G., Court and Brad (Brad via Skype from Florida) will be recording a live podcast at PodCamp Ohio. This special episode will give PodCamp attendees the opportunity to join The Guys record their podcast and observe in the process. They will be covering tech news and discuss favorite quotes from Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies and T.V. shows. (Angelo’s fav TV show quote: I love it when a plan comes together) Audience participation will be encouraged during this eventful session. Following the recording there will be a Q&A session to ask The Guys any questions attendees may have about the entire process.

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Xearn sponsors PodCamp Ohio

Written by angelo on May 19, 2008 – 9:54 am -

XearnPodCamp Ohio is proud to receive a bronze sponsorship from Xearn

Xearn enables users to create, manage and share mock stock portfolios. Test your investment strategies, see how your portfolio management skills compares with other users and follow successful investors on xearn.com.

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Habari Blogging Application Sponsors PodCamp Ohio

Written by angelo on May 18, 2008 – 9:14 pm -

Habari Blogging PlatformPodCamp Ohio is proud to be sponsored by Habari, an open source blogging platform.

Habari is a next-generation blogging platform coded with a firm understanding of the current state of blogging. Most other blogging packages have been around long enough that their solutions for features like comment spam and other plug-in functionality result in cumbersome and inefficient patches and plug-ins. Habari is being developed from scratch to take into consideration all of the functionality possible in a modern blogging platform.

Please visit the Habari wiki for more details on what makes Habari different from other blogging platforms.

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Startup Weekend comes to Columbus

Written by angelo on May 18, 2008 – 8:47 pm -

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is coming to Columbus July 18-20. If you’re a developer, designer, lawyer, project manager or have other background with starting a business, please check out Rocky VanBrimmer’s post on Startup Weekend Columbus for more details.

Startup Weekend is not affiliated with PodCamp Ohio. We’ve added this announcement since it may be relevant to PodCamp attendees.

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Meeting 23 – Event Guide Cover

Written by angelo on May 16, 2008 – 10:22 pm -

Event Guide CoverDuring meeting 23 we discussed evening before plans, list some restaurants close to PodCamp, post podcamp plans (going over to Dave and Busters), ComFest, sponsors update, podcasting 101 session, the sessions survey, Doctor Anonymous pre-PodCamp on-line party, this Saturdays meetup at the Panera Bread by ITT and contacting Ohio chocolate companies to see if we can get chocolate buckeyes to include in our event bags. Close to the end of the meeting Gabe sent the Google Group a preview of the Event Guide cover (pictured).

This week we received sponsorships from PodCamp NYC Sponsors, Viddler and John Atkinson from PimpMyNews.com. We will be making blog posts thanking these sponsors over the coming week.

Meetup 6 Tomorrow (Saturday, May 17)

This will be the second last meetup before PodCamp Ohio! Meetup 6 will take place on Saturday, May 17 from 11:00 am – 1:00 PM at the Hilliard Panara Bread (3625 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard, OH 43026) close to ITT Technical Institute (map). Immediately following, we will visit ITT for event organizers and volunteers to check out the facilities.

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