Planning Meeting January 8th

Written by Doctor Anonymous on January 7, 2009 – 4:30 am -

The next planning meeting for Podcamp Ohio 2 will be on The Doctor Anonymous Show this Thursday, January 8th, 2009 at 9pm Eastern Time. Using Angelo’s most recent post in the Google group, here are some of the topics that will be discussed. Hope to see you Thursday!

  • Scheduling and planning the in-person meetups
  • Organizer(s) to help find and contact sponsors
  • Organizer to lead getting lunch catered
  • Organizer to lead getting lunch time entertainment
  • Promos (everyone is welcome to create promos)
  • Event guide
  • Organizer to lead in blocking off rooms at hotels

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Online Meeting this Thursday

Written by Doctor Anonymous on December 9, 2008 – 5:49 pm -

Hello Ohio Podcampers! Can you believe that it’s only about six short months until Podcamp Ohio 2 on June 20, 2009 at THE Ohio State University? I don’t know about you, but I’m already getting excited for next year’s event. Just wanted to announce that there will be a Podcamp Ohio 2 Planning Meeting/Meetup this Thursday, December 11th, 2008 at 9pm Eastern Time on The Doctor Anonymous Show. (also check out the video post above)

Our buddy Angelo will be calling into the show to give us the most current information available for Podcamp Ohio 2. If you remember from last year, it was December when we really started to rev things up as far as the planning process. So, if you would like to help out in any way, would like more information about the event, or just want to catch up with your Podcamp Ohio buddies, I encourage you to tune in on Thursday.

I hope that you will be able to join us live, because that is where all the fun happens. There will be a live chat room, you can call into the show, and you can even see my shining face on the live webcam. (There will also be an archived podcast of the show). If you can’t be here live, that’ s ok, then feel free to leave comments below, or even in the Podcamp Ohio Google Group. See you for the meetup!

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Mike Genovese rocks Podcamp Ohio

Written by Doctor Anonymous on June 29, 2008 – 7:41 pm -

What a great time everyone had at Podcamp Ohio this weekend! One of the many highlights for me was the live music at lunchtime. Mike Genovese is someone I just met at Podcamp. I shot a ton of video this weekend, and I wanted to get this piece out as soon as I could, because I really like the sound of this guy’s music and I know that you will, too. (See video post above)

The majority of the video is at the end when he plays his first song. And, since most people were still in the lunch buffet line, the room didn’t look to crowded at first. But, by the end of his set, the room was packed.

As Mike was setting up, he was nice enough to do an impromptu interview. We talked about his upcoming album called “So The Story Goes” and he said that it will be released sometime in the next couple of months. So, definitely check out his website and his myspace page.

Talking about video, I saw a lot of people shooting video this weekend. As you put things together, I encourage you to share it at the Podcamp Ohio group on Viddler. There’s a feed over there to subscribe to, so that you will know exactly when I (and hopefully others) post videos to the site.

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Pre-Podcamp Party Wrap-up

Written by Doctor Anonymous on June 26, 2008 – 10:51 pm -

What a great time we had tonight! I would like to thank everyone who participated in the call tonight including Angelo, Brandice, Gabe, Mitch, Travis, Daniel, DG & Court. (Hope I didn’t forget anyone). Even though we talked for two hours, it went by really fast. And, I think that this is a little snapshot of what is going to happen Saturday at Podcamp. Have a safe trip to Columbus. We’ll see you soon! (see video post above)

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Pre Podcamp Party Thursday Night!

Written by Doctor Anonymous on June 24, 2008 – 5:44 am -

I’m really starting to get excited about this Saturday’s Podcamp Ohio event, and I hope that you are, too! I can’t wait to start networking and meet new people. I can’t wait to start learning as much as I can about new media like blogs, podcasts, video blogging, social networking, and anything else.

Here’s an idea: Why not get this party started early – like before all of us get on site in Columbus. And, I think I have the opportunity to do just that. The Doctor Anonymous Show is happy to welcome anyone and everyone associated with Podcamp Ohio on Thursday, June 26th at 9pm eastern time.

What is The Doctor Anonymous Show? Well, I’m glad that you asked. It is a live internet radio show where you can participate in a number of ways – like in our live interactive chat room, or you can call into the show to talk to me or anyone else on the show, and you will see my shining face on the live webcam. How exciting is that?

I already have some of the organizers and some people who will be presenting sessions on Thursday’s show. So, if you’re like me and can’t wait until Saturday to get Podcamp Ohio started, join me for The Doctor Anonymous Show on Thursday! Check out my blog for more details. See you there!

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One Month Until PodCamp Ohio

Written by Doctor Anonymous on May 28, 2008 – 2:28 pm -

Can you believe that it’s only one month until PodCamp Ohio? Sheesh! This is my first post here, but I have to tell you that the organizers have been doing a lot of work over the past few months to get things ready for this year’s PodCamp.

And, let me tell ya, you don’t have to be an organizer to help prepare for PodCamp. You can help us as well. If you’re not already registered, please do! If you are registered, thanks so much – and now is the time to make that big push to really promote, promote, promote, and promote!

If you haven’t already, you can blog about it, podcast about it, make a video about it, put a badge on your website, put up some event flyers, buy a t-shirt, make/download/watch/listen to a PodCamp Ohio promo, listen/participate in the weekly talkshoe meetings, and a whole lot more. Check out our Participate page for more info.

Are you excited yet? We only got 4 minutes to save the world – er, We only have one month until PodCamp Ohio! I’m really looking forward to meeting everybody and learning so much new stuff about new media and social networking.

Finally, don’t forget to put on your calendar the PodCamp Ohio Kickoff Party which will be on The Doctor Anonymous Show on Thursday, June 26th (2 days before PodCamp) at 9pm Eastern Time. My show is a LIVE internet radio show on BlogTalkRadio and everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the live interactive chat room and even call into the show and say hello. All this while seeing my shining face on the live webcam (scary, huh).

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The Road to Podcamp Ohio

Written by brandice on May 11, 2008 – 9:28 pm -

Another killer job from Jason with the Podcamp Ohio logo in these two fun promo images… That road to Podcamp Ohio is getting shorter and shorter!! We can’t wait to see you all there. :)

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Podcamp Gear Meets Podcast Gear

Written by brandice on May 8, 2008 – 7:28 pm -

Jason threw up a picture recently in the Flickr group of his iPod beautifully reflecting some Podcamp Ohio gear. Where’s YOURS? :)

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Count Down to 100 attendees – Free T-Shirt!

Written by angelo on April 20, 2008 – 7:06 pm -

We’re almost at 100 registered guests for PodCamp Ohio and we still have over 2 months of registration before the event! As an incentive, I (Angelo) will buy one of the first 100 registered guests a FREE PodCamp Ohio T-shirt. We will randomly pick from the first 100 registered guests, excluding organizers of course.

PodCamp Ohio T-shirt

We may be giving away more T-shirts and other prizes as the event gets closer. so if you’re planning on coming, get yourself registered!

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Coefficient Media Talks About Podcamp Ohio

Written by brandice on April 17, 2008 – 12:02 pm -

Coefficient Media recently made a couple of videos about Podcamp Ohio. Check it out!

Short Segment:

Longer Segment:

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